BIOAROMAS | nutrici├│n animal
Aditivos, avicultura, porcinos, bovinos
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Since 2006, we have been the leading company in the animal nutrition sector, developing, producing, and commercializing raw materials and nutritional additives for complete feeds, protein concentrates, and premixes for all animal species and categories.

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Performance enhancers




Species-specific programs


Our values

Commitment to environmental care

We collaborate on reforestation projects for protected areas in National Parks.

CSR action

We collaborate with non-governmental entities and foundations focused on education, vocational training, and environmental care.

Continuous improvement

We continue striving to become a better team every day and to ensure that our products achieve greater results.

Innovation and leadership

Our team of researchers constantly works on finding new formulas to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market.

(5411) 5263-0235

Curapaligüe 6451,  3° piso, B1605CNF

Munro, Buenos Aires Argentina.

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